Iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutritional disease in the world.

Anemia literally means, "without blood", and is a deficiency of red blood cells, or the presence of abnormal red blood cells due either to reduced production, abnormal production, excess destruction, or blood loss.

Symptoms of Anemia

Tiredness, dizziness, headaches, depression, slow healing, loss of sex drive, bruising, nervousness, shortness of breath, pallor and palpitation.

Main Causes of Anemia:

  • Iron deficiency
  • Vitamin B-12 or folic acid deficiency
  • Vitamin C deficiency
  • Vitamin E and B-6 deficiency
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Alcoholism
  • Lead Toxicity
  • Infectious diseases such as malaria

 Iron Rich Foods
Red Meat
Red meat is a rich source of iron. Beef, sheep meat, duck, goose and horses are considered as sources of red meat, which are rich in iron content. Eating them once in a while will give you the required dietary dosage of good iron.

Beet Root
Beetroot has high level of iron content. This helps in reactivating and regenerating the red blood cells.

It is not just meant for Popeye, but for all his fans too! Spinach, the generously green plant is one of the popular sources of iron. A serving of 180 g of spinach, gives the body 6.43 mg of iron.

Broccoli is similar in structure to cauliflower. It is known for its abundance of iron. Boil with some salt and pepper and add it to your salads and other fillings, so that you do not miss out on the required iron.

Almonds, the exquisite nuts of Middle East have good amount of iron contents. An ounce of almonds in daily diet, will give you 6% of daily iron requirement.

Dates which vary from deep red to dark brown owe their shades to high iron contents. These dry fruits provide the body with essential nutrients and are thus supposed to have multiple health benefits.

Fenugreek, a native of Indian land, is used both as a herb and spice. This vegetable is one of the important on the iron food's list. This natural source of iron is good for building hemoglobin and for long-term health benefits.

Asparagus belongs to the plant family and it has good amount of iron top. For healthy eating try incorporating asparagus soup or asparagus salad in your daily meal.

Romaine Lettuce
This high in iron food, can be eaten raw. It also provides Vitamin C, K and A to the body. For delicious preparations use it in salads and sandwiches.

Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard has innumerable health benefits. Swiss chard is recommended as improve the intake of iron for those suffering with iron deficiency and even to those who want to prevent one!

Kale Cabbage
Kale cabbage is an ultimate source of iron. You can fry it or boil it, the vegetable is sure to give you your daily dose of iron.

Corn helps in reducing iron deficiency. It is easy to cook and healthy to eat. Spinach and corn combination is lovely and a hit among kids, try it out for dinner tonight!

Everybody loves potatoes! Potatoes enhance iron absorption and baked potatoes with skin are foods with high iron content. So have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Experiment with different potato recipes for discovering its interesting flavors.

Clams are a type of a shellfish. They are freshwater and marine water seafood. They are extremely easy to cook and are found in the coastal cuisines.

Exotic oysters are also a type of shellfish which contain, magnesium, zinc, calcium and copper, besides lots of iron.

Raisins are a good source of iron for those who are suffering from anemia. They also act as antioxidants, which are important for protection of cells. The high iron food tastes the best with chocolates, if that's an incentive!

Figs are foods high in iron. The fruit can also be consumed as laxative and is a delicious substitute for sweets. The native of western Asia, fig can be cooked or eaten raw too.

The benefits of carrots are immeasurable. The beautiful color of the carrot is tempting enough to include it in your diet. You can make salads, juices or even eat raw.
Watermelon is the 'iron fruit'. Its sweet taste is awaited by many in all round the year. The fruit rehydrates the body and provides the essential richness of iron.

The rich red color of tomatoes is a good enough indicator that they are high in iron. 8 ounces of tomato juice in food preparation provides the body with 1 mg of iron.

Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds are iron rich foods. A 1/4th cup of sunflower seeds gives the body 1.2 mg of iron.

Dried apricots if given to anemic people, improves the condition of the body steadily. The fruit is easy to digest and it also has nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C.

Lentils are native of India and hence form a part crucial part of Indian square meals. Regular consumption of lentils averts iron deficiency and provides the body with essential amino acids.

Green Peas
Green peas are also high in iron content. They help in blood cell formation and function, and thus help in preventing anemia.

Having ¾ cup of soybeans gives you 6.5mg of iron dosage. This goes to show its importance in our diet!

Tuna sandwiches are yummiest snacks! You can also use tuna in salads, grill it or roast it. The fish is simply a gourmet's delight and high iron food.

Alfalfa is a herb and has many nutrients. The herb has a high content of iron. Having 1 cup of herb can give you .32 mg of iron.

Barley is a clear king of all nutrients. It is a must in the regular diet. The cereal not only has iron but is rich with copper, magnesium, selenium and zinc.

Chickpeas are mandatory for healthy living as they are a good source of iron. Having 200 g of chickpeas will provide the body with 6.2 mg of iron.

Bran Flakes
Bran flakes is an excellent breakfast option for both, kids and adults. Bran flakes are available in various flavors, which makes the breakfast interesting. Eating just 45 g of bran flakes gives you 5.3 mg of iron.

Muesli is a nutritional supplement, and is often prescribed by fitness instructors. They are toasted oats and can be eaten with milk. 60 g of muesli in breakfast gives the body 2.76 mg of iron.

Tofu, a cheese like food content is high in iron. Having 4 ounces of tofu will give you 6mg of iron. Tofu can be fried, added to salads and even to curries.

Green beans
Green beans are a rich source of iron and can be eaten fresh. Frozen green beans have a longer shelf-life and can be used all round the year. Fresh green bean recipes are mouth-watering treats for one and all.

Cashews are edible nuts and a very good source of iron. Having ¼ cup of nuts gives the body 2.1 mg of iron. Cashews are ground into pastes so that they can be used to make delectable curries.

Soy yogurt
Soy yogurt has a trace of iron. However, it is a good substitute for buffalo milk. Having 6 ounces of soy yogurt gives the body 1.1 mg of iron. Soy products are wonderful in taste and healthy as they are less calorific.

Millet is a cereal crop of Asia. Popularly known as Bajri or Jowar in India, the crop tops the list of iron rich foods. Having one cup of millet gives the body 1.1 mg of iron.

Sesame Seeds
Sesame seeds are edible seeds, often used as a spice in Indian food. Sesame seeds add to the flavor and improves the nutritional value of the food by increasing the iron content. 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds give you 1 mg of iron.

Finger Millet or Ragi
Finger Millet or Ragi is a fantastic source of iron. Mostly consumed in western and southern parts of India, Ragi or nachni is cooked as bhakri, kind of a flat bread, as kheer, a sweet porridge and ladu, a sweet ball like preparation.

Sprouts are Kala Chana, alfalfa, moong and barley. These seeds are juicy and add to the taste of salad or any curry preparation. They are high in iron content and can be boiled too.

Lima Beans
Lima beans is ideal for anemia sufferers. It replenishes the iron content in the body, restoring lost energy levels. Lima beans are also excellent for person dealing with diabetes.

Pork Roast
Pork Roast is generous source of iron should be included as a part of diet to prevent anemia. Having 3 ounces of it gives the body 2.7 mg of iron.

Kidney Beans
Kidney beans or rajmah is a vegetarian's delight. The beans make extremely tempting curries. An icon of Punjabi dhabas, rajmah's red color is enough to talk about its high iron levels.

Egg yolks are important sources of iron and are very important part of the diet. If you are fitness conscious don't completely avoid yolks, because then you'd be missing out on the iron.

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