Corn in Feet








  • An effective to cure corn would be to use lemon. Slice the lemon and place them over the corn, overnight. In the morning, remove it and wash the infected area with a disinfectant.
    • Prepare a juice from raw papaya. Take ½ tsp of this juice and apply it over the hard area, three times a day. This will prove to be helpful in treating corns.
    • The milky juice of the green figs also proves worthwhile in curing corns. For this, extract juice from the green figs. Take ½ tsp of this juice and apply it on the affected area, three times a day. Not only would it soften the skin but also prevent corns from occurrence.
    • Increase in the intake of foods rich in vitamin and minerals would also act favorably in healing the corns. The person suffering from corns should go for a light and nutritious diet.
    • Prepare a paste using chalk powder and water. Apply this paste over the hard area. This would be very effective in treating the corns.
    • Indian squill has been effective in treating corns. The herb is made into a bulb like structure and tied over the affected area with the help of a bandage. Keeping this overnight would provide healing effects to the corns.
    • Place a slice of onion on the corns and bandage them so that they are still. Keep them overnight and remove the next morning.

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