What is fatigue? What causes fatigue?

Fatigue is an overwhelming feeling of tiredness due to physical, emotional or mental factors.
Most cases results from hard work or overexertion. This is the kind of fatigue that can be relieved by adequate sleep& nutrition.
Other causes of fatigue include anxiety, depression & lack of sleep and rest.
The condition can also be brought about by certain factors such as an underlying disease (e.g. anemia, lupus erythematosus), menopause or some medications.
Feelings of inadequacy, low motivation & decreased libido can also be symptoms of fatigue.

There are various symptoms of fatigue such as:
The least physical & mental effort causes exhaustion & weakness
the body aches with joint & muscle pain. Migrating joint pain without swelling or redness
Muscle soreness & weakness
Persistent low- grade fever
Sleep disorders (insomnia or oversleeping)
Long-lasting malaise following physical exertion
Memory loss or forgetfulness
Mental confusion & poor concentration
Digestive problems
Loss of appetite
Intestinal problems
Food & environmental allergies / sensitivities
Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections
Autoimmune reactions
Mood swing
Anxiety attacks
Advice to the Patients:
Get enough rest, at least for 8 hrs.
Eat nutritious foods.
Get more exercise.
Avoid too much alcohol & caffeine.
Rest & relax in a cool place with a dry atmosphere every once in a while.
Change your routine every now & then to avoid monotony that may lead to mental fatigue.
Lose weight if you are overweight, eating well- balanced meals & avoiding crash diets.
Quit smoking. Smoking decreases the body’s oxygen supply, thus decreasing the energy of the individual

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