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Top 10 Healthiest Fruit List with Fruit Benefits


Along with its skin, apple provides you pectin, a great amount of flavonoid antioxidants and 5 grams of fiber. The powerful flavonoids present in apples reduce chances of cancer, stroke and heart diseases. Apple fiber helps reduce the cholesterol level thus keeping you healthy. A medium-sized apple offers you about 80 calories.


Apricots are rich in Vitamin A, C and E, carotenoids, iron and potassium. Apricots contain lycopene and it protects your eyes and minimizes chances of certain cancers, LDL cholesterol oxidation and heart diseases. Fibers present in apricots relive constipation. The best thing is 1 apricot offers you only 19 calories.


Bananas are rich in potassium, which plays an important role in muscle function and prevents you falling prey to various problems like stroke and high blood pressure. Bananas are sweet and delicious, which makes them a natural sugar substitute and is a source of energy. They are rich in fiber and thus helps in normal bowel functioning. A medium-sized banana offers you about 108 calories.


Berries are extremely rich in antioxidants, like vitamin C. According to studies, berries protect you from cancer, heart stroke and various other diseases.


This is richest in antioxidant. Apart from other health benefits, it helps prevent macular degeneration, brain damage and high blood pressure. A cup of blueberries offers you 4 grams fiber and 81 calories.


1 cup raspberries offers 8 grams fiber and 60 calories.


1 cup sliced strawberries offer 4 grams fiber and 50 calories.


1 cup of blackberries offers 10 grams fiber and 74 calories.


Cantaloupes are rich in potassium, Vitamin C and carotenoid antioxidants. It can help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity and keeps your skin protected from sunburn. Half a melon offers 2 grams fiber and 97 calories.


Cherries contain disease-fighting flavonoids and are also rich in iron. They also contain magnesium, potassium, heart-protective carotenoids, folate, Vitamin C and E. Cherries helps reduce arthritic pain, inflammation, bad cholesterol and prevents risk of cancer. 1 cup cherries offer 88 calories.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are famous for their flavour and vitamin C content and they also offer fiber, folate, various antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Citrus fruits help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.


A kiwifruit comparatively offers twice the vitamin C offered by an orange. It is also rich in potassium, vitamins A and E and magnesium. Kiwis help reduce respiratory diseases and boost the immune system. 1 medium-sized kiwi offers 3 grams fiber and 47 calories.


Papayas are rich in folate, vitamin C, natural digestive enzymes and carotenoids. I cup cubed papaya offers 55 calories. Papayas are great for skin, controls premature aging, and being rich in fiber it also lowers cholesterol levels.

Red Grapes

Red grapes are rich in fiber, potassium, iron and contain strong disease-fighting antioxidants. Though the red wines are most famous, dark-coloured grapes are richest in flavonoids, resveratrol and anthocyanins. 1 cup red grapes offer 60 calories.

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