• Treatment of gout often may include the diet of lower purine intake. About one third of the body’s uric acid can be attributed to diet.
  • Exclusion of foods extremely high in purines may be helpful. All meats, fish, poultry contain moderate to high amounts of purine and pulses and lentils needs to be avoided.
  • Drugs are also affective in lowering the serum urate concentration that rigid restriction of dietary purine is rarely necessary.
  • Avoid red meats, organ meats like brains, kidney, liver and heart, shellfish like mussels, oysters, sea eggs, peas and beans, alcohol like beer and wine.
  • Intake of fluid must be encouraged to assist with the excretion of uric acid and to minimize the possibility of renal stone formation.
  • Because the urate excretion tends to be reduced by fats and enhanced by carbohydrates, the diet should be relatively high in CHO , low in fats, modified in CHO
  • The patients should be encouraged to reduce weight, take protein in moderate amount, use low fat dairy products and eggs and cheese.
  • Take liberal CHO , refined cereals , and beverages , fruits and fruit juices

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