Peptic Ulcer

  • Drugs: antacids and inhibitors of gastric acid section are two main drugs used to aid the diseases.
  • When H. pylori infection is present the most effective treatment are combinations of two antibiotics eg. Erythromycin, ampicillin, amoxicillin, tetracycline, metronidazole and 1 proton pump inhibitor (PPI).
  • Treatment of H. pylori usually leads to cleaning of infection, relief of symptoms and eventual healing of ulcers.
  • Recurrence of infection can occur and retreatment may be required if necessary with other antibiotics.
  • Dietary management: Bland diets are recommended for patients.
  • Diet should be free from chemicals and thermal irritants.
  • The texture of food should be soft, semisolid for easy digestion.
  • Fibrous foods can be avoided like husks of fruits , whole cereals as they work as  the increased mechanical irritants
  • REST: the patient needs lots of rest and care.
  • The bowl movement should be reduced
  • The patient should be relieved from stress and strain as it may cause unnecessary pressure on the intestinal walls and stomach.
  • Modification in the nutrients mostly the patients who suffer from these diseases are generally undernourished.
  • They need extra amount of energy rich foods to compensate for loss.
  • The food rich in energy like fats and carbohydrates must be given
  • Protein intake is increased to provide essential amino acids to promote healing of the tissues.
  • Adequate amount of vitamin C should be provided to enhance the absorption of iron.
  • Care should be taken to induce calcium and iron the diet as they are essential minerals to meet the increased needs.
  • Avoid: Certain foods like fried and spicy foods should be avoided.
  • Fatty and tough meat also irritates the bowl movement.
  • Beverages like black coffee, strong tea and alcohol is not recommended.
  • Strongly flavoured foods like radish, turnip, cauliflower and garlic and onion should also be avoided.


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