Skin Care

Skin care tips with Dt. Foram:


  • Have fruits regularly
  • Use papaya skin rub it but not vigorously on all spots and pimples marks.  
  • Have vitamin C fruits kiwi, oranges, lime etc.
  • Apply fruits skin on face for glowing skin.
  •  You can apply ripe banana on face 
  • Do not use soap after applying fruits mask. 


  • Have green leafy veggies at least for lunch or dinner
  • Apply aloe Vera pulp on skin on regular basic, cut in half scoop gel with spoon u can freeze it for some time and apply on skin and even tanned skin.
  • Have veggies soup at least 2 week.
  • Chew amla few pieces  


  • Have lots of water.
  • Have coconut water once a day before noon.
  • Have green tea (honey and tulsi) at least 2-3 cup daily.
  • Have lime water without sugar first thing in morning empty stomach.
  • Almonds and walnut 4-5 pieces daily.
  • Never step out of house without sunscreen even in monsoon.
  • Wash your face frequently at least with water.
  •  Have 1 spoon flex seeds roasted every day after lunch and dinner.
  • Rather than facial and using products which disturbs the Ph. of skin use natural care and food as cure.



  • Dice a lemon into two pieces and remove the seeds as it might hurt the skin on application. Then, squeeze the lemon and take the juice in a small container.
  • Transfer the juice into the ice tray container. Lemon has an amazing, refreshing fragrance, which soothes the skin. It also contains vitamins and minerals, which boosts skin hydration, nourish it and also fight oiliness. It also fights acne and acne marks.


  • Take sweet grapes and mash them with a spoon.
  • Remove seeds and transfer the content to the ice tray.
  • Grapes contain vitamins and minerals, which protects the skin effectively.
  • It also controls age spots, excess oil accumulation and leaves the skin soft without any stickiness during summers.


  • Take half a banana and dice it into pieces.
  • Then use a spoon and take a half spoon of milk or plain water and add it to the banana pieces.
  • Mash the banana with a blender or a spoon and make it into a fine paste without lumps.
  • Then transfer the contents into the ice tray.
  • Banana contains high portions of vitamins and minerals.
  • It hydrates and nourishes the skin effectively.
  • It controls dry patches and heals all the dryness.
  • It leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing.


  • Freeze the same way as grapes.
  • Papaya contains Vitamin A and Papain, which nourishes the skin deeply and also, breaks down inactive proteins, thereby leaving the skin soft and hydrated.
  • Adding a glow, it also exfoliates the skin and leaves it even toned with regular application.


  • Leave the ice tray for 5 to 6 hours till the fruit juice turns into an ice cube.
  • For an extra fresh flavour of fruits, add smaller fresh pieces of the fruit in the juice.
  • After 6 hours, remove the fruit ice cubes and start applying it on your skin gently.
  • Take the ice cubes and start rubbing it gently but quickly all over your face and neck.
  • Create soft and gentle massaging moves on the skin without hurting it.
  • Don’t press the ice cubes hard, and also don’t be harsh with your skin. It is best to remember not to press the ice cubes strongly as it can damage tiny capillaries under your skin.
  • Like all other facial treatments, it is best to avoid application of the ice cubes on the delicate and gentle under eye area.
  • Keep massaging the fruit ice cubes for good 3 to 4 minutes and then do not pat your face dry.
  • Let your face dry naturally to get maximum fruit benefits.

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