Do you feel its Impossible to make your kids eat greens?

I found these Popsicle’s to be the yummiest way to slurp down a whole bowl of spinach in no time.

We often tell our kids to eat healthy, ourselves binging on unhealthy packet food .

KIDS EAT WHAT ADULTS EAT is what I always feel ,
For Nutritious popsicle:

*2 cups of fresh coconut milk
*1 big bowl of chopped spinach
*2 tablespoons of vanilla
*1 tablespoon of honey.
*Blend smooth and freeze

For the chocolate topping

*1 brick of cooking chocolate melted with full fat milk in a double boiler.
*Coat the frozen pops and stick in some chopped nuts.

From Dietitian Foram desk:

This popsicles are powerpacked with many vitamins and minerals and not to ferget the not to ferget Cerry on cake is our choclate topping with nuts .
Why not add more greens and reds too like our beetroot , carrot, kale, broccoli,cilantro , mint etc.

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