Valentine’s day doesnt mean celebration with boyfriend or girlfriend , hubby or wify its a seadon of love , its my first Valentine’s Day with my son , I have planned super healthy day not only for myself but both my valentine my son vivaan and my hubby .

Let me share few ideas and tips for ull to gift loved one gift of health.


– Cut in sweet little heart shapes.

– Fruits like kiwi , pineapple , apple , watermelon, muskmelon etc .

-U can use small heart cookie cutter for this.

– Skew the fruit which is cut in heart shape .

– Prepate a dip –

*Plain curd


*Creèm cheese

*Fresh cream


* My personal favourite melted chocolate either white / dark or simply mixing milk and dark works good .

From Dietitian Foram’s desk :

How about adding:

*Paneer or a tofu.

*Make a nice platter with raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, grapes etc .

*For kids add marshmallows .

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