Any veggie lover like me , is cooking it hobby and do u like to experiment and try new things lets do it together

I’m gonna make marinated veggies grill who all trying this ?

*1cup broccoli florets blanched,
*2tbsp lemon juice,
*1cup cauliflower florets blanched,
salt and pepper to taste,
*1cup button mushrooms,
*2tsp ginger garlic paste,
*1cup small brinjals halved,
*½ cup hung curd,
*1cup potatoes par boiled with skin and diced,
*¼ cup cream,
*1cup baby corn blanched,
*1tsp dry mint leaves powder,
oil for basting,
*1tsp dry kasoori methi,
*2tsp corn flour,
*1tsp red chilly powder

*Mix all the ingredients for the marinade in a big mixing bowl. *Transfer all the vegetables (blanched) and brinjals into the marinade.
*Rub well, so that the marinade coats all the vegetables evenly.* Marinade them for 1 hour before grilling.
*Heat a non-stick grill pan, grease with oil or butter using spray, and cook the marinated vegetables in small batches on the griller.
*Cook on high heat for 5 minutes, turn sides and again cook for 5 minutes until both sides are golden and crisp.
*Repeat the same with rest of the marinated vegetables.
*Transfer to a snack platter.
*Garnish with chaat masala, lemon wedges and serve hot with coriander mint chutney or kebab dip.

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