Overcome Binge-eating

Are you a foodie like me ? I’m a foodie who wants to loose weight and have you been in touch with a health professional from quite some time now, and have been pestering her for months now to start a diet program and then always also give her an excuse of running short on time and not starting, than this is for you , do give it a try .

One of these days, while having a weight loss discussion, with a client she told me about her problem of Binge eating and also being a foodie and loving her food!!I quietly kept listening and the next day, I send her self made notes and to give her guidelines, the one which were easy and doable along with hectic work schedules…

Let me share it here –

1. Tackle stress with positive thoughts and over come it in mindful way rather than binge eating

2. Stock up healthy , be on a see diet i.e eat what you see . You stock healthy fruits , nuts, muslie instead of chips fried snacks .

3. Have a tall glass of water . Divert your mind .
4. Think about your favourite outfit you wanna a fit in trust me it helps a lot keeps, you motivated.
5. Maintain a food dairy , write all what you eat . Write your goal at beginning of page . At end of the day study your eating habits and try to change .

Aren’t they simple . give it a try

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