Golden Latte


Have you ever tried an Iced Golden Milk Latte? Made with turmeric, ginger and cinnamon over iced, this golden beverage is a tasty and refreshing drink for summer!


1 and a 1/2 cup coconut milk

1 and a 1/2 cup almond milk

3 tablespoon maple syrup

1 and a 1/2 tsp. ground turmeric

1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp. ground ginger

A pinch of ground black pepper

A pinch of ground cardamom

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract (optional)

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  1.  Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake well.
  2.  Pour on the ice and enjoy it.
  3.  Garnish with cacao nibs or nuts.
  4.  Top with the desired non-dairy product until the cup is full.
  5.  Drink immediately.

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You can add soaked chia seeds or basil seeds.

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