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Did you know that for a conscious effort to become a subconscious habit, you just need to do it for 30 days. Yes! You read it right.

Hence, Dietitian Foram Modi presents the 30 DAYS CLEAN EATING PROGRAMME , an initiative#healthyhumhealthytum for fit life and stay healthy

So when do you start? Any time is the right time to kick-start your clean eating lifestyle. The first step is to commit to the challengr. Once you have committed to eating clean for 30 days, your body will follow as your mind directs. And, by chance, you stray, Dt. Foram is there to motivate and energise you.

WHAT IS IN STORE FOR YOU- You will be a part of Clean Eating whatsapp group where Dt. Foram ( me )will share recipes, healthy alternates and will guide you on what to eat and what not. They will keep a track record of your weight, routine and guide you with calorie intake.. Also in the group would be shared exercises that can be done at home for toning your body and burning of calories.. A general diet plan will also be shared.

DIWALI BONUS – Festivals are for looking good as well and at times after reviving the body and hair from the excessive use of makeup and hair sprays. Tips on these would also be covered in this program so that you have glowing skin and lustrous hair.

Also, those who successfully complete this challenge and would want personal services from me can avail a massive discount only for the challengers.

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