Dt. Foram Modi

Mrs FORAM KRUNAL MODI, the owner and founder of SlimPossibleDiets, with 5 years of experience in nutrition and dietetics. Academically, a diploma holder in food and nutrition and Diploma holder in food and diet planning, from Tulip International, an affiliate of Gold Coast Training Academy (GCTA) Australia, Diploma holder in weight management from BFY , MUMBAI , Diploma holder in clinical nutrition and Diploma in child care nutrition from , VLCC MUMBAI . She worked for a lifestyle management  and weight loss clinic for 2.5 years and now independent dietitian .

Her aim is Make Weight Loss & Lifestyle management Easy, Engaging and Accessible to all.

She makes sure that client is continuously monitored and motivated during the weight loss program. Follow up is most important and crucial to any weight loss program as one can regain the lost weight if basic follow up routine is ignored so follow up and constant motivation and contact with the client is her principal . HER MANTRA IS “ STAY CONNECTED , STAY HEALALTHY “ She does not believe in giving medicines for obesity or any supplements, she thinks that the kitchen ingredients are enough to help for the same.

 A online diet consultant, and diet planner for therapeutic diets i.e. diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOD/PCOS) etc., metabolic diet i.e. diet for weight loss and weight management, diet for corporate executives, shedding for wedding, heart healthy, detox and anti-aging etc. Email and over the phone consultation also provided with 100% satisfying result and easy to follow diet plan with all this she has become successful dietitian. The concept of “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” doesn’t exist for nutrition is strongly believed by her and so she makes customized diet plan for all her clients. The secret of her success is combination of tradition grandma’s knowledge (nani /dadi ma nuski) along with modern science, with this she makes diet plan easy to follow and live stress free life. Her diet plan helped many clients who had failed earlier to either achieve weight loss or bounced back of lost weight. She believes losing weight is not the key, but loosing right weight is and success of any weight loss program depends upon losing the right weight as weight loss can occur because of loss of body water, muscle mass or body fat.

No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no crash diets, no unsubstantiated claims. She doesn’t compromise on client’s long term health for short term quick result. She understand there is no shortcut to eating right thus her  diet programs consist of natural easy to make at home recipes and nothing artificial or synthetic… and yes the taste is kept in mind as she  believe one should live to eat and not eat to live. Easy to do at home physical routine is suggested as part of the program which is been designed by our certified trainers thus ensuring a long and sustained results for healthy life. The physical routine includes cardiovascular exercise, body weight training and flexibility routine.